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We develop talent and promote the training of professionals with the skills of the present and the future, we always promote creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship as key aspects in our way of teaching and working.

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Bachelor in Business Intelligence

Create, administrate and manage integrated information systems for decision making.

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Bachelor in Accountancy

Design, analyze and manage accounting and financial information systems, to manage the resources of organizations and facilitate decision-making

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Bachelor of International Business

Identify areas of opportunity for International Business in a critical, creative, supportive and entrepreneurial way of goods and services, capable of transforming their environment.

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Bachelor of Business Administration

Solves problems in functional areas of the company, making them competitive and thus affecting the improvement of the community.

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Bachelor in Computer Science

Train students with the ability to create, manage and manage integrated information systems; collecting, analyzing, processing data and managing knowledge.

Also know our educational offer of continuing education

We help you to stay current in a world of constant change through up-to-date and practical educational programs.


Our history begins on September 25, 1961, with the creation of the UABC school of higher education: the School of Economics and Administrative Sciences, which at the time had a degree in Economics and a Public Accountant.

In this way, on May 20, 1962, the University Council decided to separate the careers, for this reason the School of Commerce and Administration was created and it is in 1987 that it acquires its current name as the Faculty of Accounting and Administration.

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Hall building

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Urban garden

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The FCA experience

At FCA the most important thing for us are the Students and we work every day to offer an enriching educational experience and a student environment that allows the full development of their abilities and skills.

An Open House program is carried out so that parents know the facilities where their children will spend their formative stage.


Our international programs are focused on our integration into a globalized world, so we seek that our students live experiences outside our country and obtain a global vision about their professional preparation.

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The quality of our programs is backed by national and international certifications.

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  News and events

UABC and Coparmex Tijuana sign collaboration agreement

A meeting was held between Coparmex Tijuana and UABC authorities in the facilities of the Board Room of the Tijuana Campus Vice-Rectory, in which a mutual cooperation agreement was signed that serves to bring to a more formal degree the existing agreements between both organizations.

On behalf of UABC, the following participated: the teacher Edith Montiel Ayala, vice-rector of the Tijuana Campus; Dr. Esperanza Manrique Rojas, deputy director of the Faculty of Accounting and Administration (FCA); the teacher Guillermo Navarro Vázquez, head of the Department of Support for the Extension of Culture and Bonding; and Dr. Georgina Tejeda Vega, Head of Extension and Outreach at the FCA.

FCA teachers maintain their permanence in the SNI and others join

FCA Tijuana congratulates the 11 teachers who remain in the National System of Researchers of CONACYT and also the new ones who joined.

With this achievement, it is demonstrated once again that the Faculty of Accounting not only conducts teaching, but also quality research work.

Congratulations on this achievement. #PrideFCA 

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