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Business Administration​

To train professionals with a humanistic perspective and a solid base in technical knowledge, administrative, multicultural, bilingual skills, with the development of creative talent, leadership, an attitude of change, initiative and a spirit of service and innovation, capable of solving problems in functional areas of the company, making them competitive and thereby influencing the improvement of the community in which they are committed.

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The applicant to enter the Bachelor of Business Administration must have the following characteristics:


  • Math.

  • Accounting.

  • Statistics.

  • Administration.

  • Computing.

  • General culture.


  • To organize.

  • Literacy.

  • Analyze and synthesize.

  • Teamwork.

  • Flexible when dealing with changing environments.


  • Interest in the administrative area.

  • Commitment.

  • Honesty.

  • Independence.

  • Open mentality.

  • Proactive with teamwork.

  • Spirit of service to their peers.

  • Environmentally friendly.

  • Responsible.


LAE graduates are characterized by their solid training, advanced knowledge in Administration, which allows them to develop their attitudes, abilities and skills.


  1. Implement an administrative model that adapts to the needs and characteristics of the organization in a globalized environment to obtain continuous improvement that raises levels of competitiveness.

  2. Establish and apply human resource management systems to raise the levels of competitiveness of organizations through diagnoses and application of techniques according to the needs of the organization.

  3. Analyze and interpret financial information applying appropriate strategies to facilitate decision-making that increases the levels of productivity, profitability and competitiveness in organizations.

  4. Analyze and evaluate the market to detect and satisfy consumer desires and needs through the study of micro and macro environmental factors.

Occupational Field

LAE graduates may carry out their professional activities in:


  • High level administration.

  • Human Resources.

  • Financial.

  • Comptrollers.

  • Marketing.

  • Public relations.

  • Design.

  • Implementation and evaluation of administrative systems.


  • General administrator.

  • Human, material and financial resources.

  • Comptroller.

  • Marketing.

  • Public relations.


  • As advisor and consultant in administrative areas.

  • Training and development.

  • Marketing.

  • Finance.

  • Creation and promotion of companies.


  • Owner of his own company.

Educational Plan

 Basic Stage

This stage establishes the foundations of the educational program, comprises a set of learning units of a multidisciplinary general nature, with an eminently formative orientation that provides the student with the contextual, methodological and instrumental bases fundamental for the administrative area, necessary for the understanding of the origin and the location of the learning units of the disciplinary stage. This stage favors the integration of a common core that consists of a set of learning units belonging to a group of related careers in the same area of ​​knowledge.


Analyze the basic concepts of the different areas of administrative sciences, through theoretical and methodological principles, promoting in the student a comprehensive training that allows them to enter the administrative process of organizations, with a collaborative spirit and with a high sense of responsibility in business.

Disciplinary Stage

The student will acquire the theoretical, methodological and technical knowledge of the Administration, oriented to a generic learning for professional practice. It also includes the development of generic skills transferable to professional performance common to a specific occupational field.


Develop information systems through the use of international quality standards in engineering. Apply the theoretical and methodological concepts that intervene in the development of the different resources of an organization through the use of administrative techniques and tools, in order to create in the student a general vision of the structure and management of business, allowing them to complement their integral formation.

Terminal Stage

Specific knowledge is reinforced and the acquired knowledge is applied in an integrated way, increasing practical work, and it concludes with the development of the necessary professional skills to join the occupational field, for the generation of alternatives and the solution from problems.


Implement administrative plans and strategies, apply administration systems, interpret financial information and evaluate the market, through the use of administrative techniques and tools with the gift of making the processes of an organization more efficient, allowing it to raise levels of competitiveness with a sense of social responsibility .

Curriculum Maps

LAE Experience

CONTAD 2019 Congress

Latin America United, students from different institutions united in the CONTAD 2019 Congress, of which the FCA was a participant.

International Congress 2019

Winning students of the First Place in the International Congress of Research Applied to Marketing together with the career coordinator Dr. Blanca Bernal Escoto and Dr. Carolina Bustos Osuna advisor to the winning team.

 ANFECA Marathon 2017

FCA students winners of the Second Place in the National Marathon of knowledge in Administration ANFECA, in charge of Dr. María Marcela Solís Quintero.

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Equipo de la empresa

PhD. Blanca Bernal Escoto

  • LAE Coordinator

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Equipo de la empresa

PhD. Karen Gardenia Ramos Higuera

  • Marketing Area Coordinator

  • Ext. 55102

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Equipo de la empresa

PhD. Virginia Flores Ortiz

  • Human Resources Area Coordinator

  • Ext. 55062

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Dr. Eduardo Ahumada Tello

  • Organizational Administration Coordinator

  • Ext. 55079
  • Correo:

Equipo de la empresa

PhD. Carolina Zayas Márquez

  • Operations Administration Coordinator

  • Ext. 55130

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PhD. Jorge Alfonso Galván León

  • Basic Administration Coordinator

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