Develop in the professional world with the tools of the present and the future, be competitive and innovative.

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We develop talent and promote the training of professionals with the skills of the present and the future, we always promote creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship as key aspects in our way of teaching and working.

Degree in Business Intelligence

Create, administer and manage integrated information systems for decision making.

Degree in Accounting

Design, analyze and manage accounting and financial information systems, to manage the resources of organizations and facilitate decision making.

Degree in International Business

Identifies areas of opportunity for International Business in a critical, creative, supportive and entrepreneurial way of goods and services, capable of transforming their environment.

Degree in Business Administration 

Solves problems in functional areas of the company, making them competitive and thereby influencing the improvement of the community.

Degree in Informatics 

Train students with the ability to create, administer and manage integrated information systems; collecting, analyzing, processing data and managing knowledge.

Also know our educational offer of continuing education

We help you stay current in a world of constant change through updated and practical educational programs.​


Our history begins on September 25th, 1961, with the creation of the UABC school of higher education: the School of Economics and Administrative Sciences, which at the time had a degree in Economics and a Public Accountant.

In this way, on May 20th, 1962, the University Council decided to separate the careers, for this reason the School of Commerce and Administration was created and it is in 1987 that it acquires its current name as the Faculty of Accounting and Administration.

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Our Mission and Vision


Train entrepreneurial and competent professionals in business areas, with the knowledge, values, attitudes and cognitive, social, emotional and digital skills essential to participate in the fourth industrial revolution.

"In 2030, the Faculty of Accounting and Administration is widely recognized in the Northwest of the country for contributing to the training of professionals, through the generation and transfer of knowledge that contributes to the development and consolidation of an ecosystem of entrepreneurship and innovation in the Tijuana Metropolitan Area."

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The FCA Experience

At FCA the most important thing for us are the Students and we work every day to offer an enriching educational experience and a student environment that allows the full development of their abilities and skills.

An Open House program is carried out so that parents know the facilities where their children will spend their formative stage.


Our international programs are focused on our integration in a globalized world, which is why we seek for our students to live experiences outside our country and obtain a global vision about their professional preparation.

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The quality of our programs is backed by national and international certifications.
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News and Events

Trademark and Intellectual Property Registration Conference!  

On August 22, 2023, Dr. Yirandy Josué Rodríguez León, Coordinator of Law and Intellectual Property, held an enriching conference on "Trademark Registration and Intellectual Property".

This event took place in the municipality of Ensenada and was aimed at enthusiastic entrepreneurs. The initiative was possible thanks to the collaboration with the State Institute of Entrepreneurship of Baja California, under the Ministry of Economy and Innovation.

By promoting knowledge and supporting the development of new ideas, we continue to promote the entrepreneurial spirit in our community.

Stay tuned for more educational and collaborative opportunities in the future! 🚀📚

 Signing Alliances for Education! 

The Faculty of Accounting and Administration (FCA Tijuana) and the Centro de Bachillerato Tecnológico Industrial y de Servicios (CBTIS) 278 have taken an exciting step towards the future of education by signing a collaboration agreement.

This agreement not only formalizes the ties that have been growing since last semester, but also marks the beginning of a collaboration that will expand to various areas to benefit students, teachers and our community in general. 

At the event, Dr. Gomez Llanos shared: "It is an important issue for UABC to seek a mechanism to approach young people. We are the most important higher education institution in the state. But that does not mean not making ourselves known, not open the doors without letting young people know what the UABC offers."

This strategic union will strengthen the education and training of our young people, promoting collaborative learning and academic excellence.

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Signature of Agreement between KPMG and the Faculty of Accounting and Administration of the UABC  

   Promote Opportunities to Study  ​

In a collaboration that promises to enrich the education and professional prospects of students, the School of Accounting and Administration of the Autonomous University of Baja California (FCA-UABC) and the renowned professional services firm KPMG have joined forces by signing a landmark agreement last August 3.

The signing ceremony, which took place at the Club de Empresarios facilities, marked the beginning of a strategic alliance that seeks to benefit students in accounting, administrative and business areas. The agreement establishes a series of joint initiatives that aim to strengthen academic training and professional development opportunities for young university students.

Congratulations and congratulations to all those involved in this alliance that will benefit more than 17,000 students 

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FCA Tijuana obtains CACECA reaccreditation in its 4 Bachelor programs

The Faculty of Accounting and Administration thanks all the teachers and coordinators who were part of the successful CACECA Reaccreditation process in our four undergraduate programs! 🎉

Their knowledge, experience and passion for education have been key to providing quality training to our students. 🎓📚 
Thank you for your constant commitment in search of academic excellence. 🌟

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