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Why did we go from a Bachelor of Computer Science to a Bachelor of Business Intelligence?

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In the Context of the evaluation and modification of the Curriculum, the need to evolve and change the name of the Educational Program to a Bachelor of Business Intelligence is raised, taking into account the trends set by the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Said trends related to  E-administration, Intelligent Cloud, Big Data, Data Analysis, Intelligent Systems, Security and Cybersecurity, Business Intelligence and E-commerce.

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Train highly trained professionals in the areas of data science, innovation, and information technology infrastructure that help implement innovative solutions that streamline strategic decision-making and provide a competitive advantage in organizations.


In 2030, the Business Intelligence Degree Program is recognized as a National and International Quality Program, a leader in the areas of innovation, data science and information technology that emanate professionals who make a difference through their entrepreneurial spirit, attitude innovative, socially responsible and promoters of the digital transformation of organizations, contributing to the development of society with equality and equity.



Education plan 

Basic Stage

Analyze the basic and technical concepts of the areas of economic-administrative sciences through the acquisition of general knowledge of other disciplines, basic areas of knowledge and of the social and human sciences that allow them to develop skills, attitudes and values ​​essential for the incorporation of the student to the disciplinary field and collaborative work, with a global vision and social, professional and personal commitment.

Disciplinary Stage

Analyze knowledge of the areas of Data Science, Information Technology Infrastructure and Innovation through the development of value proposals that contribute to technological improvement, decision-making and the application of innovative processes in organizations with responsibility, attitude analytical and purposeful.

Terminal stage

Evaluate and develop projects in the areas of Data Sciences, Information Technology Infrastructure and Innovation for business intelligence, through the implementation of solutions based on applicable national and international norms and standards, which support strategic decision-making in organizations with critical thinking, honesty, confidentiality and fairness

Curricular map 2021-2


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Dra. Nora del Carmen Osuna Millán

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Dra. María del Consuelo Salgado Soto

Equipo de la empresa

Dr. Jorge Inés Morales Garfias

Equipo de la empresa

Dr. Carlos Alberto Flores Sánchez

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Dr. Ricardo Fernando Rosales Cisneros

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Mtro. Josué Miguel Flores Parra

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Bachelor of Business Intelligence