Bachelor of International Business

Train students with the ability to create, manage and manage integrated information systems; collecting, analyzing, processing data and managing knowledge through the selection and effective use of information technologies for efficient decision-making support.


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To enter the Educational Program for the Bachelor of International Business, you must accredit the following subjects:


  • Economy

  • Math

  • English

  • Administration

  • Computer Accounting


  • Oral and written expression

  • Analysis and synthesis of information

  • Teamwork


  • Service

  • Respect

  • Honesty

  • Review 

  • Compromise and responsibility


The LNI graduate is competent to:

  1. Analyze the possibility of expansion according to the particularities of the company, the market and cultural aspects, through market studies, financial, production, economic and international trade reports, to contribute to the development of the entity with impartiality and attachment to the true.

  2. Examine the legal aspects corresponding to the national and international regulatory framework, through the study of cases that allow solving the legal problem objectively.

  3. Identify the tools to diagnose the competitiveness of economic entities through the application of the responsible business methodology.

  4. Analyze the investment options and sources of financing through the financial instruments offered by the markets to identify possible investments with respect to legality.

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Occupational Field​

The graduate of the Degree in International Business will be prepared to provide their services in the:


In industrial, commercial or service companies, whether multinational or national, in the commercial area within the financial sector.


In entities and agencies of the federal, state or municipal public administration related to the different economic sectors.


Carrying out consulting and advisory activities in international business or managing your own business.

""The International Business educational program has a specific agreement with the University of Valparaíso in Chile, which allows obtaining a double degree at the undergraduate level in the area of ​​International Business, in addition to having a specific agreement with the Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 , in France with which the student can obtain a Technical Diploma in International Marketing. It is worth mentioning that both stays require at least one year to conclude "International Business has a specific agreement with the University of Valparaíso in Chile, which allows obtaining a double degree at the undergraduate level in the area of ​​International Business, in addition to having a specific agreement with the Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1,  in France, with which the student can obtain a Technical Diploma in International Marketing. It should be mentioned that both stays require at least one year to conclude.


Requisitos de Ingreso sobre el Idioma Inglés



Regularización de alumnos que no han acreditado el requisito de inglés para ingreso a la carrera de Licenciatura en Negocios Internacionales

Ver Opciones de Regularización PLAN 2009-2   



Los alumnos de segundo semestre de  Tronco Común  que deseen ingresar a la Licenciatura en Negocios Internacionales podrán optar por cualquiera de las siguientes CINCO OPCIONES  para cumplir con este requisito: 

Ver Opciones PLAN 2022-2

For more information, request a ticket corresponding to the Languages ​Area.​

Third Language Requirement

Plan 2009-2

For students who wish to release the third language requirement and who wish to do so by proving their command of a language other than English, they may opt for the application of the Online Foreign Languages ​​Examination (LEL) for the evaluation of any of the languages ​​that it contemplates. (by virtual platform). This exam provides an additional benefit to the student since it has curricular value for the applicant, that is, it can be included in the curriculum. Under this option, only the language graduation requirement is released, NO OPTIONAL CREDITS ARE AWARDED. 

Ver más opciones   

Plan 2022-2

Ver opciones

Educational Plan

Basic Stage

In this stage, it establishes the foundations of the educational program, comprises a set of multidisciplinary general learning units, with a formative orientation that provides the student with the contextual, methodological and instrumental bases fundamental for the administrative area, necessary for the understanding of the origin and the location of the learning units of the disciplinary stage. This stage favors the integration of a common core that consists of a set of learning units belonging to a group of related careers in the same area of ​​knowledge.


Analyze the basic and technical concepts of the areas of economic-administrative sciences through the acquisition of general knowledge of other disciplines, basic areas of knowledge and of the social and human sciences that allow them to develop skills, attitudes and values ​​essential for the incorporation of the student to the disciplinary field and collaborative work, with a global vision and social, professional and personal commitment.

Disciplinary Stage

   The student will acquire the theoretical, methodological and technical knowledge of the Administration, oriented to a generic learning for professional practice. It also includes the development of generic skills transferable to professional performance common to a specific occupational field.


Apply theoretical and methodological concepts, through the implementation of systems, procedures and methods for the generation of useful information for an economic entity in a responsible manner.

Terminal Stage

Knowledge is reinforced and the application of the acquired knowledge is carried out in an integrated way, increasing practical work, and it is concluded with the development of the professional skills necessary to join the occupational field, for the generation of alternatives and the solution of problems.


Design and evaluate economic-administrative systems by integrating methods, techniques and procedures to responsibly issue opinions, recommendations and make accounting, financial, fiscal and administrative decisions of an economic entity.

Curriculum Maps

LNI Experience

Study Visit

LNI students taking a guided tour of the United States Consulate, along with LNI professor Dr. Juan Manuel Alberto Perusquia, who is a full-time researcher and teacher at the faculty.

International Business Week

Students present in the International Business week, in which different talks and conferences are held.

Exchange Students

French students of the Technical Diploma in International Marketing.

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PhD. Robert Zárate Cornejo

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Prof. René Andréi Guerrero Vázquez

  • Economics Area Coordinator

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Equipo de la empresa

Prof. Marianna Berrelleza Carrillo

  • Business Area Coordinator

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Equipo de la empresa

PhD. Juan Manuel Alberto Perusquia Velasco

  • Foreign Trade Area Coordinator

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PhD. Rocío Villalón Cañas

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