Master in
    Financial Intelligence

    Finance now with a technology perspective

    General objective of the program

    The Master in Financial Intelligence aims to develop highly trained strategists in the intensive use of data analysis techniques, virtual assets, the modeling of operations in financial markets as well as the management of emerging technologies in the comprehensive management of finance, which allows them to act as agents of change in the generation of more efficient, competitive and inclusive financial solutions in the context of digital transformation.

    Why study with us?

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    2 years


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    Education level


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     Payment in installments


    Exit Profile

    Of the knowledge

    • Proficient in understanding and mastering the stock market of both debt market and capital market instruments with a strong focus on the stock market.

    • Competent to know the different sources of financial risk, as well as to quantify, measure and manage the financial risk of the markets of fixed income, variable income of derivative products.

    • Competent to design foreign exchange and interest rate hedging strategies for risk management of volatility in the prices of financial assets over time.

    • Competent to analyze the structure of the stock market in Mexico, as well as its objective and the role that this market plays in the economy.

    • Competent to structure and evaluate investment projects.

    • Competent to project costs and benefits, create a capital budget, evaluate different financing alternatives, scenario and sensitivity analysis to measure risk and financial feasibility.

    • Competent to apply and interpret the various data analysis tools and techniques.

    • Competent to analyze, model and predict financial variables that facilitate the decision-making process.

    • Skills to attend, give opinion, apply and guide the business sector in making financial decisions based on the knowledge of the FINTECH.

    • Competent to invest in virtual assets through the use of digital platforms.

    • Ability to identify trends in electronic government in the provision of services and its development through the technologies applied in public finances.

    • Ability to analyze and interpret financial information in order to optimize the management of financial resources.

    Of the kills

    • Sales management.

    • Research for problem solving.

    • Critical thinking.

    • Search and selection of statistical information and pertinent bibliographic material for critical analysis and application in professional practice.

    • Teamwork.

    • Management skills.

    • Skills in managing emerging technologies in financial management.

    Of attitudes and values

    • Projection into the future.

    • Enterprising

    • Personal and professional improvement.

    • Social commitment.

    • Proactive

    • Sense of relevance.

    • Of the values

      • Solidarity and Honesty.

      • Ethics and Respect.

      • Humility, Trust and Responsibility.

    Semester Study Plan

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    -Advanced data analysis applied to finance

    -Fintech Industry 

    -Stock Market

    Financial Inclusion

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    Financial Econometrics

    Virtual assets

    Derivatives market

    Research Project Seminar 

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    -Integration of the Mexican financial system and Consumer Protection

    -Emerging technologies in Public Finance

    -Analysis and risk modeling

    -Terminal Work Seminar I

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    -Optional I

    -Optional II

    -Optional III

    -Terminal Work Seminar II

    -Integration of Case Study


    • International Financial Environment

    • International Transfer Pricing

    • Microfinance

    • Management skills

    • Sales management

    • Management and evaluation of investment projects

    • Corporate finance strategy and innovation

    Knowledge Generation Lines

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    Emerging technologies applied to finance

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    Financial Inclusion


    Fields of Knowledge

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    Digital finance


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    Financial inclusion


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    Financial data analysis

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    Financial markets

    Entry requirements.

    • Entry application (download)

    • Title that accredits the academic degree of Bachelor of Finance, Accounting, Administration, Economics, or another [profession related to the program (Foreigners must legalize the document)

    • Certificate of Undergraduate Studies [minimum average 80].

    • Professional ID [or proof of processing].

    • Have experience in the professional field.

    • Curriculum vitae with photograph.

    • Birth Certificate (for foreigners it must be apostilled)

    • CURP.

    • Statement of reasons letter [one page maximum].

    • Two letters of academic and/or professional recommendation that guarantee the professional and technical capacity of the applicant (free format)

    • Certificate of Institutional TOEFL with Level B1 (If you do not have this requirement, you can take the exam with us)

    • Know the information about the English test

    • Submit a preliminary project related to an LGAC of the program, in accordance with the guidelines established in the call for admission.  (Guidelines of the Preliminary Project)    

    Send all documents in PDF format to the email:

    They must also:

    • Submit knowledge test.

    • Interview with the UA Postgraduate Studies Committee.

    • You can make your payment in different installments.

    Call 2023 

    Important dates

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    From May 1 to November 25, 2022

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    December 1, 2022

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    December 9, 2022

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    December 16, 2022

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    January 11 to 22, 2023

    Click on the call to download

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    News and events

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    First-semester students of the Master's in Financial Intelligence give a talk on Financial Education

    The students Joaquín Ángel García Rodríguez and César Hernández Angón presented their experiences in the development of their final project of the semester applied in the faculties of Arts, Medicine, Humanities and Sports and will soon be presenting their results with the university community.

     We wish you much success in the conclusion of your project! 

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    GMW Global Money Week 2022

    The coordinator of the program, Dr. Malena Portal Boza, presented the program's study plan and the benefits of studying the Master's Degree in Financial Intelligence.

    The event was held online on March 23 of the current year.

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    Presentation of Final Works

    The students of the first semester of the Master in Intelligence presented the final works of the subjects of Advanced Data Analysis and Financial Inclusion.

    In the final papers they expose and analyze the main problems of the region and the country from the application of statistical and financial tools.

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    Workshop on "Preparation of scientific research articles"

     MIFIN students participated in the workshop on "Preparation of scientific research articles",  given by Dr. Duniesky Feitó Madrigal, research professor at the Faculty.

    This activity was carried out on March 16 of this year.

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    "Stock Market Analysis Approach" Workshop

    MIFIN students participated in the "Stock Market Analysis Approach" workshop, taught by Professor Humberto Calzada Díaz, specialist in Financial Markets, Chief Economist Rankia LATAM. 

    This activity was carried out on April 20 of this year.

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    "Financial Derivatives" Workshop

    MIFIN students participated in the "Financial Derivatives" workshop, taught by Guillermo Enrique Guzmán Sierra, Middle Office Derivatives Analyst at MONEX GRUPO FINANCIERO.

    Esta actividad fue realizada el 2 7 de mayo del presente año.

    Teaching Staff

    Dra. Malena Portal Boza

    MIFIN Coodinator

    PhD in Economics


    Download CV

    Dr. Duniesky Feitó Madrigal

    Doctor in Economic Sciences

    Specialist in statistics and econometrics..


    Download CV

    MF. Gelacio Martínez Sánchez

    Master in Finance


    Download CV

    MI. Diego Urias Vega

    Master in Taxes

    Fintech specialist.


    Download CV

    MI. José David Mojica Hernández

    Master in Taxes

    Virtual Assets Specialist.

    Email: david@mojica,mx

    Download CV

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