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    General Objective of the Program

    The objective of the Master's Degree in Financial Intelligence is to develop highly trained strategists in the intensive use of data analysis techniques, virtual assets, modeling of operations in financial markets, as well as the handling of emerging technologies in the integral management of finance, which allows them to act as agents of change in the generation of more efficient , competitive and inclusive financial solutions in the context of digital transformation.

    Why study with us?

    Blended Learning

    Duration of 2 Years


    Payment in Installments

    High Educational Level



    Train leading professionals in the transformation of the financial, economic and social environment, with strategic thinking and a global vision, capable of developing new solutions through the application of disruptive technologies to the problems of access and use of financial products and services for building a welfare society.


    We are an innovative program, recognized in the national and international context for its educational quality in line with social demands and the labor market, which contributes to sustainable development, the advancement of science, technology and progress towards more financially inclusive societies with opportunities for vulnerable sectors.

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    Admission Profile

    Taking into account that related programs in the Economic-Administrative and Accounting areas are considered as part of the admission path, it is considered that the MIFIN applicant must have the following domains:

    Of the knowledge:
    ● Basic knowledge about financial indicators, statistics and general functioning of the markets.

    Of the skills
    ● Mastery of the use of digital information, communication and collaboration technologies.
    ● Reading comprehension of texts in Spanish and English.
    ● Oral and written expression in professional environments.
    ● Independent study.
    ● Understand, analyze and synthesize information.
    ● Teamwork.
    ● Troubleshooting.

    Of the attitudes:
    ● Reflective and critical spirit.
    ● Self-critical.
    ● Adaptation to change.
    ● Willingness for collaboration.

    Of the values:
    ● Trust
    ● Honesty.
    ● Perseverance.
    ● Respect.
    ● Responsibility.
    ● Tolerance.

    Graduation Profile

    Of knowledge:

    • Proficient in understanding and mastering the stock market of both debt market and capital market instruments with a strong focus on the stock market.
    • Competent to know the different sources of financial risk, as well as to quantify, measure and manage the financial risk of the markets of fixed income, variable income of derivative products.
    • Competent to design foreign exchange and interest rate hedging strategies for risk management of volatility in the prices of financial assets over time.
    • Competent to analyze the structure of the stock market in Mexico, as well as its objective and the role that this market plays in the economy.
    • Competent to structure and evaluate investment projects.
    • Competent to project costs and benefits, create a capital budget, evaluate different financing alternatives, scenario and sensitivity analysis to measure risk and financial feasibility.
    • Competent to apply and interpret the various data analysis tools and techniques.
    • Competent to analyze, model and predict financial variables that facilitate the decision-making process.
    • Skills to attend, give opinion, apply and guide the business sector in making financial decisions based on the knowledge of the FINTECH.
    • Competent to invest in virtual assets through the use of digital platforms.
    • Ability to identify trends in electronic government in the provision of services and its development through the technologies applied in public finances.
    • Ability to analyze and interpret financial information in order to optimize the management of financial resources.

    Occupational Field

    ● Public or Private Sector
    ● Banking Sector
    ● Stock Market, Exchange and Investment Activities Sector
    ● Bonds and Insurance
    ● Consulting
    ● Productive Sector
    ● Regulatory Institutions
    ● Entrepreneurship


    The Master's Degree in Financial Intelligence (MIFIN) is planned in a blended modality, with a duration of two years and four semester-long cycles during which high-level professionals will be trained in the area of ​​Financial Intelligence. An annual call periodicity is contemplated to guarantee the entrance of students to the program on a continuous basis. It has a total of 83 credits distributed as follows: 68 compulsory credits and 15 optional credits.

    Classes are two days a week (one day face-to-face and the other 100% online), two subjects per day of two hours each. The days of the week may vary.

    Convocation 2023-2024

    Important Dates

    Application for Admission

    May 1st to November 25th, 2023

    Admission Test

    December 04th, 2023


    December 06th, 2023


    December 15th, 2023

    Registration and Payment

    January 11st to 22nd, 2024

    Entry Requirements

    ● Application for admission.
    ● Title that accredits the academic degree of Bachelor (Foreigners must
    legalize the document)

    ● Certificate of Bachelor Studies [minimum average 80].
    ● Professional Certificate [or proof of procedure].
    ● Have experience in the professional field
    ● Curriculum vitae with photograph
    ● Birth Certificate (for foreigners it must be apostilled)
    ● CURP.
    ● Explanation letter [one page maximum].
    ● Two letters of academic and/or professional recommendation that endorse the
    professional and technical capacity of the applicant (free format)

    ● Certificate of Institutional TOEFL with Level B1 (If you do not have this requirement, you can
    take the exam with us)

    ● Submit a preliminary project related to an LGAC of the program, in accordance with the guidelines
    established in the admission application.

    ● Send all documents in PDF Format to the email:

    In addition, they must:
    ●Take a knowledge test.
    ● Interview with the UA Postgraduate Studies Committee.

    Entry Application   Learn more about the English Test   Draft Guidelines

     Curricular Map

    Lines of Knowledge Generation

    Emerging Technologies

    Applied to Finance

    Financial Inclusion

    Fields of Knowledge

    Digital Finance

    Financial Inclusion

    Financial Data Analysis
    Financial Markets

    Teaching Force

    PhD. Malena Portal Boza

    MIFIN Coodinator

    PhD in Economics


    Download CV

    PhD. Duniesky Feitó Madrigal

    PhD in Economic Sciences

    Specialist in Statistics and Econometrics


    Download CV

    MF. Gelacio Martínez Sánchez

    Master in Finance from UNAM

    Expert in Investment Portfolios and Risk Analysis


    Download CV

    PhD. Luis Alfredo Ávila López

    PhD in Global Development Studies

    International Finance Specialist 

    Download CV

    Prof. Rodrigo Delgado Méndez

    Master in Latin American Studies from UNAM

    Deputy Director of Collection at the National Banking and Securities Commission

    Download CV

    MI. Diego Urias Vega

    Master in Taxes

    Fintech Specialist


    Download CV

    MI. José David Mojica Hernández

    Master in Taxes

    Virtual Assets Specialist


    Download CV

    Prof. Víctor Hugo Márquez Ruíz

    Master in Taxes

    Specialist in Financial Products Derived from the Mexican Stock Exchange


    Download CV

    Prof. Iván de Guadalupe García Díaz

    Master in Public Administration

    Financial Advisor and Project Manager


    Download CV

    Prof. Guillermo Pérez Elizalde

    Master in Industrial Engineering

    Specialist in Strategy and Corporate Governance

    Vice President of the National Technical Committee of Corporate Governance of the Mexican Institute of Finance Executives

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    Current Enrollment


    Entered Students


    News and Events

    Conference "Global Environment of Financial Markets and its Impact on Companies Listed on the Stock Market"

    Next Wednesday, May 17, 2023, this conference will be held for students of the postgraduate programs of the Master's in Financial Intelligence and Specialty in Financial Management by the renowned economist and expert in stock market issues, Mr. Humberto Calzada Díaz. . 

      Audiovisual Headquarters D, FCA from 6pm to 8pm

      Don't miss out !  

    Finance Workshop for Youth 

    Teachers and students of the MIFIN, EDF and MA postgraduate programs representing the Faculty of Accounting and Administration have the pleasure of inviting you to the first Finance Workshop for Youth in collaboration with CBTIS 278 High School.

     Personal Finance  

     This event will take place from April 29 to June 3 at the following venue and time:

       CBTIS 278 High School, from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.  

       Face-to-face Modality

    Don't be left out ! 

    National Forum of Technological Finance

    The Faculty of Accounting and Administration in collaboration with MIFIN, CANIETI, is pleased to invite you to the first National University Forum on Technological Finance 2023.

      Fintech and Cryptoassets  

     This event will take place on April 18 at the following times and venues:

       UABC Headquarters, Audiovisual FCA 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

        CANIETI Headquarters, Bit Center 06:00 p.m. to 08:00 p.m.

       Face-to-face Modality

    Don't be left out ! 

    First International Colloquium for the Presentation of Terminal Works Progress

    Master Conference presented by Dr. Gabriel Alfonso Pacheco Martínez, entitled "Automation of accounting, financial and tax processes in SMEs, Opportunity or threat?

    March 7th

    Audiovisual C and D of the Graduate Building

    MIFIN Students Participate in the International Congress of Financial Investigation Organized by the IMEF

    The topics presented in the presentations are linked to the analysis of financial problems in the use of technologies and retirement savings among young people.


    First Semester Students of the Master's Degree in Financial Intelligence Give a Talk on Financial Education

    The students Joaquín Ángel García Rodríguez and César Hernández Angón presented their experiences in the development of their final project of the semester applied in the faculties of Arts, Medicine, Humanities and Sports and soon they will be presenting their results with the university community.

    We wish you much success in completing your project!

    Presentation of Final Papers

    The students of the first semester of the Master's in Intelligence presented the final projects of the Advanced Data Analysis and Financial Inclusion subjects.

    In the final works, they expose and analyze the main problems of the region and the country from the application of statistical and financial tools.


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