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Community of entrepreneurship with leadership and regional impact.

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What are we?

At INNOVE we encourage and promote entrepreneurship , we generate knowledge to provide educational and business tools that encourage the creation of innovative and scalable ventures .

EEntrepreneurship as a life skill.

How do we do it?

creating a community

With teachers, students, researchers

Inviting investors and business organizations

That help support the entrepreneurship

Main areas

Academic coordination
continuing education
Entrepreneurship Laboratory


Entrepreneurship Research

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Lines of investigation

Develop lines of research aligned to the entrepreneurship process and integrate academic work teams

Initial Projects

  • Creaation of an academic body focused on entrepreneurship.

  • Thesis law ofentrepreneurship.

  • Thesis ecosystems ofentrepreneurship.

  • Business intelligence thesis for entrepreneus.

  • Entrepreneurship Research
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Knowledge Diffusion

Establish strategies to disseminate the knowledge that is generated in the faculty regarding issues related to entrepreneurship

Initial projects

  • Dissemination on social networks, blog and newsletter of the biweekly entrepreneurship bulletin.


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Participation in National and International Forums

Present research results in national and international exhibition forums

Initial projects

  • Holding of the first entrepreneurship forum.


Academic coordination

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What's your objective?

It aims to promote the inclusion of entrepreneurship competence in a transversal manner in all educational programs, from undergraduate to graduate.

Provide support and updated tools to teachers who teach content in subjects related to entrepreneurship.

  • Implementation of a new entrepreneurship model in the FCA, horizontal integration of the competition.

  • Descriptive letters update

  • Participation in racing updates

continuing education

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Develop practical workshops on tools applied to entrepreneurial projects in various phases.

During the contingency, start with talks, with guests and with our own work team with useful topics for entrepreneurs

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Develop diplomas according to the demands of the regional market in entrepreneurship issues.

Start with feasibility work and demand for graduates in entrepreneurship areas.

Entrepreneurship Laboratory


To develop entrepreneurship projects collaboratively.

initial projects

EXPLORE: Program focused on the validation process of your business idea.


To develop entrepreneurship projects collaboratively.

initial projects

INNOVATE: Program focused on the search process for that solution that will effectively take you to the market.    


To develop entrepreneurship projects collaboratively

initial projects

SCALE-UP: Program focused on the first steps of acceleration and organic growth of your company.

International Entrepreneurship Forum

Second edition

Wednesday June 1


Dr. Flavio Abel Rivera Aguirre


Tel. (664) 979-75-00 Ext. 55000

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