Transversal Training Area

Transversal training is the courses whose content is interdisciplinary, that is, that it is not taught or is not directed exclusively to a specific area or category, but is valid for most professional categories. 
Its objective is to provide practical and theoretical preparation for talent to develop a wide range of skills.​

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Importance of Transversal Training

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Transversal training offers many benefits for the brain and for employability. Prepares students so that they know how to adapt to a very changing market. At the same time, it introduces them to the real world of companies, moving away from the old training standards that prevailed in theory.

To understand why transversal skills and competencies have become more important, one only has to examine the current world and labor market context. Both are changing and this has its influence on the lives of young people. Both in how they should be trained and when performing in a job 

Matters of the Transversal Training Coordination


  • 38970 Engish I

  • 38971 Development of Social Emotional Skills

  • 38972 Writing and Communication Skills

  • 38975 Fundamentals of Economics

  • 38976 Mathematics


  • 38977 English II

  • 38981 Statistics

  • 38983 Ethics, Human Rights and Social Responsability


  • 40302 Labor Law

  • 3898 Fundamentals of Law

  • 38984 Fundamentals of Research Methodology


  • 38991 Corporate Law

  • 38992 Labor Law


  • 30913 Development of Entrepreneurs


  • 40334 Business Development Plan


  • 41715 Conversational English

News and events

University Colloquium on Applied Business Research 

Held on June 3, 2022 


Carried out from June 1, 2022 

English Instructor Program 


  • Form a group of English students that provide group support in conversational dynamics in tasks.

  • ask advice..

  • Activities determined by the teacher of the group with a focus on achieving the competencies of the subject.


  • Take a diagnostic exam (grammar) of English I or II applied by the English coordination of the FCA.

  • Obtain a minimum score of 80 in the grammar exam.

  • Pass the "speaking and listening" exam applied by the group teacher.

  • Have a proactive attitude, leadership and empathy with your colleagues.


  • Development of social and emotional skills in the context of the English language.

  • Release of 100 hours of community social service.

  • Grade of 100 in the subject of English.


                  Equipo de la empresa

                  PhD. Claudia Berra Barona

                   Transversal Training Coordinator and Skills Development Coordinator

                  PhD. Carlos Alberto Flores Sánchez

                        Applied Research Coordinator

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                  • Correo:

                  Equipo de la empresa

                  PhD. Flavio Abel Rivera Aguirre

                          Entrepreneurs Coordinator

                  Equipo de la empresa

                  PhD. Yirandy Josué Rodríguez León

                          Law Coordinator

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