Eyeglasses Reimbursement Procedure


  • The reimbursement process for glasses begins with the format established by the General Coordination of Human Resources.

  • You will find the format at the following address http://www.uabc.mx/recursos/

  • Locate the section "formats for academics" or "format for administrators"

You can also download it here  


  • The form must be signed by the worker  

  • You must attach the following documents to your request:

  1. Original Invoice.

  2. Certificate of the specialist that dictates the increase or decrease in graduation.

    Additional Information

Eyeglasses Reimbursement Official Format 

Format for Medical Spectacles Specifications


  • The application and its attached documents can be submitted to the General Coordination of Human Resources of each Campus.  

  • Due to the health contingency, you can send your applications and attached documents to the following institutional email account.

Tijuana:  marcela@uabc.edu.mx 


  • Once the request has been submitted or sent along with its documents, it will be captured by the analyst.

  • Once the request is captured, you will receive your refund by transfer to the bank account that the worker has registered in the portal:http://siii.uabc.mx/

Download Interbank CLABE  Registration Manual 

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