Student Health Insurance

It is the medical, surgical, hospital and pharmaceutical service provided by law by the IMSS to all higher education students.

Steps to Register

It is not automatic, if you need it you must follow the following steps to start the process

Get your Social Security Number

On the IMSS page:


You will need: Your CURP and an email

Send your data to the form

On the IMSS page:


You need to fill it out by accessing through UABC Mail.

Wait in UABC mail for the notification

It takes 3-4 business days

Once you have the confirmation, the IMSS will update your Database

It will be ready in 72 hours 

Verify that you have your Certificate of Validity of Rights

On the IMSS page:


You will need: Your CURP and an email

Go to your IMSS Clinic and ask for your card

You are ready for medical attention!

7. Sube tu Constancia de Seguridad Social


Upload your Social Security Certificate


For greater convenience, download the IMSS Digital application on your cell phone to find out your Social Security Number and your Certificate of Validity of Rights.

In addition, UABC has a policy that covers accidents within the University facilities, while traveling or representing the institution, including accidental death .

Steps to store the Evidence of Validity of Rights


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