Professional Internships

    Contribute to the comprehensive training of the student through the combination of theoretical knowledge acquired in the classroom with practical aspects of professional reality.

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    What should I take into account before assigning myself?

    Do I meet the assignment requirements?

    Do I have the certificate of the PI workshop?

    Do I have UR ​approval?​

    Send documents by ticket?

    Do I have an appointment in the apartment? of PI of my faculty?


    1. Having completed 70% of the credits of your degree.

    2. Have the Professional Social Service accredited.

    3. Have insurance coverage from the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS).

    4. Have proof of attendance at the Professional Practices Workshop. 



    Schedule an appointment with the receiving unit (on page 23 of the student manual you will find the procedure)


    STEP 1

    To start your Professional Internships you must send your application through​

    STEP 2 AND 3

    Request approval of the assignment through the system from your supervisor.

    Answer the Google Form.

    STEP 4​

    Request an appointment for the assignment to the coordination of Professional Internships, 15 minutes before the appointment, attach the supporting documents of the requirements by means of a ticket.

    Convocation 2023-2

    Important Dates 

    You should start reviewing your options for Professional Internships (PI) when you are about to enter the final stage of your career, according to your curricular map

    You must meet the following requirements:

    • Have 70% of your credits released, according to your career load

    • Have released the Community Social Service

    • Have insurance coverage from the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS)

    You can do them in a company or institution that is registered in the Catalog of Receiving Units (RU), which is available in the Learning Modalities System ( To view the catalog it is necessary to update the data as shown in the image below (enter the my account section and click on edit data).

    Can I do my Professional Internships in a place that is not registered in the catalouge?

    No. However, a company or institution can register in the Catalog, following the instructions of the Supervisor's Manual, which is published on the page of the Faculty of Accounting and Administration ( /professional practices) 

    First, you must attend a Workshop, where the Coordination of Professional Internships will indicate the procedures to follow for the assignment during the following semester. Then, you must enter the Learning Modalities System ( to update your data. Subsequently, you must locate a UR (company), in addition to the Professional Internships Program (PIP) appropriate to your academic profile so that you can contact them to request the details of the case and in turn give them the opportunity to meet you and to collect the information they require to continue with the process of accepting your assignment if both parties so agree. 

    The workshops are given at the end of the semester, on dates established by the Coordination of Professional Internships (these are made known by the group leaders and tutors). It is also recommended that you pay attention to the announcements that are published on the specialized website of the page and the official social networks of the Faculty.

    You must register in the form made known by the Coordination of Professional Internships, within the terms established by the Coordination itself.

    Yes, because it is one of the documentary requirements requested by the Coordination for the assignment. The record is obtained by filling out a form that is provided to all those who registered their attendance at the workshop since their arrival. Remember that there are about 500 students who attend the workshop, so the issuance of the certificates will take about a month after the date of the workshop.

    If you did not receive your certificate, it is because you did not register your attendance when you arrived at the workshop and, therefore, you did not fill out the form in such a way that the Coordination does not have evidence of your participation.

    You will have to take the Professional Internships Workshop the following semester.

    First, you must participate in the call for readmission issued by the General Coordination of Student Services and School Management. Once you have participated and obtained a favorable response, you must pay for the semester so that your registration appears active in the system.

    In this case, you must pay for the full semester, even if you do not take courses or participate in the auction, however, you must be aware of the assignment call and the workshops to be assigned.

    You must request an appointment through the Learning Modalities System (SIMA UABC), in the program you wish to enroll in.

    Now you must wait for the Receiving Unit to accept you in the Learning Modalities System to continue with the process.

    No, once the UR has approved you, you must request the approval of the Academic Unit (the Faculty of Accounting and Administration), scheduling an appointment on a form that the Coordination of Professional Internships will send to the students who attended the workshop

    You must send your documents 15 minutes before your appointment through a ticket on the Faculty page, writing as subject: "ASSIGNMENT". Try to indicate your full name, registration, career and UABC email correctly, attaching the documents in PDF format with the following names:


    •  “2. UR LETTER”

    •  "3. IMSS INSURANCE”

    •  "4. CSS AND 70%” (even if you have more than 70% of the progress in credits) The ticket is sent in the following link:

    The letter must be on letterhead, indicating the following in the body:

    • The name, career and enrollment of the student to be assigned to the program;

    • Work modality (blended or home office);

    • If it is blended, indicate the sanitary measures that the workplace has to prevent the spread of COVID-19;

    • In case of blended learning, indicate the days of the week and the times that the intern will visit the facilities;

    • If it is blended, indicate the possibility of resuming work from home if the COVID-19 pandemic worsens

    • Autograph signature of the program supervisor

    Important Documentation

    Information for assigment 2023-2

     SIFPVU Student Manual

    Supervisor's Manual

    Administrator's Manual

    PI Workshop

    User Information

    Frequently Asked Questions  


    Tutorial to Upload Quarterly Reports to the SIFPVU





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