Educational and Psychopedagogical Guidance

    Our primary goal is to provide the student with intellectual, attitudinal, emotional or evaluative tools that allow him to know and develop satisfactory ways of life in accordance with his human potential.

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    It is a pleasure to greet you through our page and let you know who we are and what services we can offer you.

    The purpose of our area is to provide you with school guidance and/or psychopedagogical advice on various aspects that could affect your mental and/or emotional health during your school career and, therefore, hinder the achievement of your academic goals. In the same way, provide teachers with guidance in the management of teaching strategies and techniques that contribute to improving the teaching-learning process. 

    For this we have the following programs:

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    Attention to Applicants

    We disseminate the careers offered by the FCA to aspiring students of the IEMS through the Expo Profesiones event that is held every semester, providing information on the careers offered by the university and where applicants can raise their doubts with teachers and/or students.

    Attention to New Students

    We organize and coordinate the induction course where we provide relevant information to new students about the history, purposes and authorities of the UABC; University values, regulations, scholarship programs and other important topics for your studies.

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    Attention to Students

    We attend individually or in groups to students who present academic, emotional and/or interpersonal difficulties that could affect their mental health and academic performance; providing brief intervention advice, and where appropriate, channeling to other instances for follow-up.

    We also organize and/or give talks, workshops and courses on topics that contribute to your academic performance.

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    Attention to Teachers

    We support the development of expository or group management skills, as well as individual attention when socio-emotional problems arise. 

    We organize and/or give talks, workshops and courses on topics oriented to the teaching-learning process.


    We hope you feel confident to visit our page, express your doubts and request our services. Your comments and suggestions are valuable!

    The services are free and we offer advice in the following areas:


    • Difficulty adapting to the school environment.

    • Low academic performance.

    • Learning difficulties.

    • Doubts about your vocation.

    • Guidance on withdrawals and other procedures.


    • Insecurity and low self-esteem.

    • Mental health and disability.

    • Doubts related to your sexuality.

    • Difficulties in managing conflicts.

    • Family, health or couple difficulties.


    • Difficulties with your colleagues.

    • Group integration problems.

    • Difficulties with your teachers.


    • Techniques and study habits.

    • Mental health.

    • Self-esteem.

    • Relationships.

    • Social-emotional skills.

    Did you know what?

    UABC has a Program of

    Zero Gender Violence

    Gender -based violence is considered the intentional act of subjugating, excluding, humiliating, offending or
    harassing a person because of their gender identity or identification.

    Types of Gender Violence


    • Threatening to destroy or harm family members, property, or pets.

    • Forced isolation from family, friends, school, work, etc.


    • Critics.

    • Abuse.

    • Underestimate your abilities.

    • Submit to verbal abuse.

    • Do not allow to see your family or friends.


    • Control financial resources.

    • Deny financial memory.

    • Prohibit work or go to school.


    • Blows, burns, brushes, pushes, bites, slaps, hair pulling.

    • Forced to consume alcohol or drugs.

    • Any physical force including property damage.


    • Obscene calls and messages.

    • Non-consensual sexual acts.

    • Sexualized comments.

    Some Videos

    What is Gender Violence?

    The FCA Tijuana psychologist, Sonia Noreña, talks to us about Gender Violence and tells us that it is understood as any intentional act of subjugating someone to harm them because of their own gender identity or identification; such as exclusion, humiliation, offenses, harassment, harassment, among others.

    Types of Gender Violence

    FCA Tijuana psychologist Elí Marcial tells us about the different types of gender violence: Psychological, Economic, Physical, and sexual violence.

    We will assist you and follow up on any conduct of violence, sexual harassment or discrimination. Have the confidence to go to the psycho-pedagogical area of ​our faculty, or through digital media to receive advice, legal and/or psychological assistance. Look for our "NO +" app available for Android and Apple. Visit our website.​


    According to the general law for tobacco control, in article 5, paragraph 2, non-smokers have the right to “live and coexist in spaces that are 100% free of tobacco smoke."


    UABC is an institution that promotes the right to health of its community, and since 2014 it has declared itself 100% free of tobacco smoke.

    Meet the Educational Counselors

    Prof. Sonia M. Noreña Montoya

    Degree in Educational Psychology from CETYS University in 1988, with a Master's degree in Educational Sciences in 2005 from the Institute of Educational Research and Development (IIDE) UABC, Ensenada unit and Diploma in Art Therapy in 2018. 

    From 1990 to date working as a psychopedagogical counselor and since 2003 teaching at the FCA; participating in talks, courses, workshops, congresses and symposiums as an assistant, speaker and coordinator, with 32 years of experience in the professional and teaching area.

    Prof. Elí M. López Guevara

    Degree in Psychology from UABC, Master's degree in family psychology from IACHR University, Diploma in Administration. of Human Resources (UABC, FCA), Diploma in Sex Education (UABC, FMP), Diploma in Mental Health (IPEBC) and Diploma in Thanatology (UNICA). 20 years working at UABC.

    I am in building C, next to the bridge that connects with the management building.

    Psych. Vanessa Deyanira Pérez González  

    Degree in Psychology from the Autonomous University of Baja California, Tijuana Campus. She is currently studying a Master's Degree in Administration at UABC Tijuana.

    Proof of Attending the 1st Seminar on Clinical Thanatology, (2018), Proof of Attending the Mental Health Conference (2019) by Hospital de Salud Mental Tijuana. “Mental Health in Modern Times, collaboration with COLEF in Mental Health Screening surveys (2019), experience as a psychotherapist since 2020 by the Refugee Health Alliance and the UABC Psychological Clinic (CUAPI).​

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