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Professionals with extensive knowledge of the tax area and with the necessary skills to hold a high-level position.                                    

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Train professionals with ethics and theoretical, technical and methodological skills to solve specific problems in the tax area,  help promote a tax culture and establish a more efficient and equitable tax system.

Why study with us?

Flexible Schedules

Duration of 1 Year


High Educational Level



Train competent professionals in fiscal areas, with the knowledge, values, attitudes, and cognitive, social, emotional, and digital skills essential to participate in contributing to public spending.


In 2030, the Tax Specialty program is widely recognized in the Northwest of the country for contributing to the training of professionals, through the generation and transfer of knowledge that contributes to the development of the Tijuana Metropolitan Area.

Admission Profile

The student who enters the Tax Specialty must have the ability to analyze information objectively, critically and impartially, proposing comprehensive solutions. He must also have a proactive attitude that allows him to apply knowledge in the business or institutional sector. In addition, the student must have the ability to perform teamwork, directing their efforts to achieve goals under a joint participation scheme, where team activities are carried out with a high sense of responsibility and professional ethics, seeking personal improvement in team benefit of the society.

  • Academic degree: Have a bachelor's degree preferably in an area related to the specialty.

  • Desirable general knowledge: Computers, Law, Accounting.
  • Professional development expectations in the tax area.

Graduate Profile

Graduates of the Tax Specialty program will be professionals with a broad command of the tax area and with the necessary skills to hold a high-level position as an executive or consultant for both public and private companies. With sufficient knowledge to formulate and implement tax schemes, solve problems with an ethical and creative vision.

Program Graduate Skills:

  • Apply, formulate and implement strategies and guidelines in the tax area.

  • Solve problems with an ethical and creative vision.

  • Contribute to the development of knowledge of the area and its dissemination.

  • Apply knowledge in decision-making considering its environment and its repercussions in all areas.

  • Generate and implement strategic and tactical plans for the companies or organizations in which they participate.

  • Integrate interdisciplinary work teams in the different functional areas and apply their knowledge.

  • Identify problems and promote their solution using, proactively, the procedures and methods appropriate to their environment.

Occupational Field

Graduates from the Tax Specialty may work in the following areas:

  • As advisor.
  • Public servant in some area related to contributions.
  • Consultant.
  • Work in international organizations.
  • Social organizations, government and educational institutions.
  • University Professor.


Important Dates

Admission Request

 Until June 1st, 2023

Knowledge Test

June 6th, 2023 (Online)


From June 13th to 17th, 2022


June 24th, 2022


August 2023

Admission Requirements

Academic Degree
It is required to have completed a bachelor's degree, preferably in an area related to the specialty.

-University Degree
-High School Certificate
 -Birth Certificate
 -Curriculum Vitae with photograph
 -Professional ID 
-Letter explaining the reasons why you want to enter the program (maximum two pages)
 -Application Form 
-Submit an exam or proof of understanding of the Institutional TOEFL English language with at least 450 points (graduates from the UABC, the undergraduate accreditation is valid)
 -Pass knowledge test.
 -Interview with the Graduate Studies Commission of the Academic Unit If selected, you must also send the following:

-3 (Three) CARD SIZE PHOTOGRAPHS with a square front in black and white (without glasses, without dark or striped clothing), on opaque MATTE paper (Not Snapshots), do not put a name on the back. -6 (Six) TITLE SIZE PHOTOGRAPHS printed on matte and opaque paper (Not Instant), in black and white, 6 x 9 cm. front with 5 cm. close-up of the face. WEAR JACKET AND TIE (no black or dark brown), no glasses, DO NOT put name on back.

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Curriculum Map


Fiscal Law I​

Special Taxes

Income tax I

State and Municipal Legislation

Labor Contributions


Tax Law II

Tax Procedural Law

Income Tax II

Tax Planning

Tax Implications of International Trade

Knowledge Generation Lines

Information Systems  

Finance and Taxes​

Tax Strategies for  

the Competitiveness

Fiscal and Financial Analysis for ​

the Development of MSMEs

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Current Enrollment


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Faculty of Accounting and Administration

PhD. Sergio Octavio Vázquez Núñez
Email: sergio.vazquez@uabc.edu.mx
Tel: (664) 979-7500 Ext. 55110

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