Professional Certifications

    5th Edition


    How does having a Certification benefit me?

    Educational Programs

    Studying extracurricular educational programs adds added value to the professional training of students.

    Job Opportunities

    You expand your job opportunities, improving your Curriculum Vitae and improving your speaking and understanding of English.


    In professional skills taught by world-renowned universities and companies, in order to provide the necessary tools that will help them increase their potential and job skills.

    Bases for the Call

    Be a UABC enrolled Student

    Preferred intermediate command of the English Language

    (B1 of CEFR))

    Fill out the Commitment Letter format

    Send the Commitment Letter to obtain the signature of the Director of FCA

    Access to computer equipment with internet connection

    Have a user on the COURSERA Platform 

    (Registered with institutional mail)

    Complete Registration Form

    The courses have a maximum duration of 5 months.  

    It is mandatory that the course that is decided to study be completed during the 2022-1 school period.

    Course Offer

    Consult Courses

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    ​Participating students will have the right to choose and take only one program from the list of Professional Certifications offered.
    Students who meet the requirements established in the bases of the Convocation for Professional Competences 2022-1 and are benefited, must dedicate more than 4 hours a week (at least) to the study of the chosen program, to ensure that it is concluded before finishing. of the 2022-1.


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