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    Principal Function

    Search for students who master specific topics to act as advisors to students who require support in any subject so that they can improve their academic performance. Student advisors are freed from their Professional Social Service.

    How can I be an Academic Advisor?

    Participate in the Convocation

    The Coordination publishes the convocation to recruit academic assessors at the beginning of the semester.


    Complete 60% of the Credits

    The student must have 60% of their credits.

    General Average

    Must be equal to or greater than 80.

    Selected Course

    To give advice you must have an average equal to or greater than 80 in the subject.

    Schedule Availability

    Minimum of 5 hours per week to provide advice.

    Sample Class

    Present a trial class of 10 minutes (help with Power Point).

    Once the academic assessors have been selected, they are informed of the registration process for the Social Service Program

    What is expected of me as an Advisor?

    Be a regular student

    Stand out for high performance in the field

    Sense of responsibility

    Respectful, tolerant, empathetic

    Ability and willingness to teach

    Communication and listening skills

    About the Professional Social Service

    7th and 8th semester students can release their Professional Social Service, being academic assessors.

    It consists of holding virtual or face-to-face sessions, with your assigned students, and working on the subject in which the student has problems

    Record, take a photograph, or upload a document as evidence of work per week.

    Comply with activities such as circles of support.​

    Open Call to Receive Academic Advising


    PhD. Rene Andrei Guerrero Vázquez 

    Coord. of Academic Advising


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