Center for Open and Distance Education (CEAD) of the FCA

Institutional strategies for the use of ICTs in the teaching-learning process in the educational programs of the FCA, in accordance with the guidelines of the educational model of the University, and the corresponding academic model for SEMIPRESENTIAL and DISTANCE modalities.


Training  and orientation

Provide advice to teachers who have already accredited the minimum courses required by CEAD:

  • Blackboard for online work

  • Instructional design for online courses

  • Conducting online courses

Support for formal course registration

  • Once the design of the course is completed, it is reviewed and promoted in a blended or remote version, with prior authorization from the sub-directorate.

  • Support in the formation of collaboration networks


  • Follow up on the instructional design of the courses.

  • Provide feedback to the teacher during the semester.

  • Request for proof of delivery

Visit the CEAD UABC official page and find resources for teachers and tutorials for the proper use of blackboard.


Dra. Maricela Sevilla Caro


Tel. (664) 979-75-00 Ext. 55000

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