Lic. Ricardo Zamora Tapia

First director of the School of Economics and Administrative Sciences


From a young age he worked to help the family finances and began to stand out as a good student for his ability to speak. He attended elementary school at the Miguel F. Martínez, the oldest in the city; high school at the Industrial Technical Institute (La Poli) founded in 1939, as well as the Preparatory for Cooperation, both at the Agua Caliente School Center. He graduated from the Faculty of Law at UNAM, generation 1951, graduating in 1957. Meanwhile he was elected president of the High School Alumni Society (1948-1950) and secretary of Political Action of the Alumni Society of the Faculty of Law (1954-1956), to more than founding president of the Tijuanense University Club (1951-1953) and President of the Block of Students of the State of Baja California of Mexico (1951-1955).

Upon his return to Tijuana in 1957, he carried out a notable job as a teacher in support of the nascent Autonomous University of Baja California: director of Preparatoria Number 2 (1959); as director of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences (1960-1964); President of the Association of Teachers of Preparatory School No. 2, founding director of the School of Administration and Accounting, both Tijuana campus, in addition to teaching the corresponding chairs in all of them.